How can MNOs and MVNOs stop customer churn?

These days it’s easier than ever for subscribers to move between operators. What with lower switching costs, regulators in some countries making it simpler and faster, as well as the advent of the eSIM’s flexibility. Although customer loyalty is still key to profitability for MNOs and MVNOs. So providing a smooth service that gives no cause for complaints is fundamental to any strategy to reduce customer churn.

GSMA Network Settings Exchange is a simple way for MNOS and MVNOs to improve the customer experience. By ensuring services are reliable and work as expected across all devices worldwide on a network – with straightforward settings files uploads to the platform.

Perhaps check how many complaints you have had for your VoLTE/ViLTE and MMS services or hotspot functionality over the last couple of years. As well as how many customers are leaving your network. Then the question becomes, not, ‘Should we join GSMA Network Settings Exchange’, but ‘Can we afford not to?’.

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How can GSMA Network Settings Exchange help my network?

Can lower customer churn
Since it enables a reliable customer experience for VoLTE & ViLTE, tethering/hotspot functionality and MMS services. So subscribers are less likely to move to another network for those services.

Reduces operational costs
Provides access to 550+ OEMs in one go. In addition, the standardised template means settings can be shared quickly and easily.

Future-proofs your network
Helps prepare you for the 5G rollout. As you can make sure your IMS and APN settings are always configured correctly on devices in your network.

What are the vital settings for an optimal network?

The 3 groups of settings needed from MNOs and MVNOs are laid out below. They’ve been decided in collaboration with manufacturers and network operators around the world, through the GSMA Terminal Steering Group.

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