OEMs, are you getting the most out of GSMA Network Settings Exchange?

Now almost all the world’s device manufacturers have joined GSMA Network Settings Exchange. So this means they’re doing all they can to give their customers the best experience of their branded devices. Although it’s not enough to simply join the platform, you need to act on the settings information you receive.

What are the risks of not acting on the latest settings information?

  • Outdated settings can mean no internet access on your devices
  • Unavailable MMS – no picture or video messaging
  • Loss of tethering or hotspot feature
  • Unavailable VxLTE services – no video calling or 4G
  • Less than expected coverage or service availability

Guidance for device manufacturers

Here are the best practice guidelines for using GSMA Network Settings Exchange, from the service experts here at GSMA:

1.  Download the latest network settings as they become available, then have them stored and issued in a manner that new and current devices can access and configure
2.  Always download settings based on IMSI range, not just the MCC / MNC, to ensure mobile devices are configured to the correct mobile network operators – since multiple MNOs can use the same Mobile Country Code
3.  Ensure that only the most recent/latest file versions of network settings are being published to your current and future devices
4.  Make sure the GSMA Network Settings information (and access) does not become lost knowledge when the individual responsible for processing it, leaves the business
5.  Make sure that the individual who has access to the GSMA Network Settings Exchange is the correct person for processing network settings information – so the settings are made available to your devices. If the TAC administrator is not the correct person, a new user account for GSMA Network Settings Exchange can be requested here
6.  Read up on Network Settings, which are described in detail in TS.32, here
7.  Look out for emails from GSMA Network Settings Exchange, as they contain important information. Such as the auto-notifications when new device network settings have been uploaded, plus other major updates, including new releases

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