GSMA PathFinder™ Use Cases & Applications


Application providers that send text messages to subscribers use GSMA PathFinder™ to identify the correct service provider for direct delivery. Typical applications are transaction notifications from banks to their customers, two-factor authentication and appointment notifications.

SMS Routing

Message routing, aggregation and hubbing applications use GSMA PathFinder™ to provide number portability correction when routing messages between operators.

RCS and VoLTE Interconnect

IMS based services use GSMA PathFinder™ to provide portability corrected addressing information in one of two ways, firstly if the operator populates data in PathFinder (hosting) or secondly as an ENUM response derived from GSMA PathFinder legacy number portability data.

Application Transaction Routing

Mobile applications that need to communicate with the user’s service provider use GSMA PathFinder™ to identify the correct operator, allowing messages and API calls, eg payment transactions, to be routed correctly.

Transaction Reconciliation

Back office administration functions that need to correlate network routing information with terminating operator use GSMA PathFinder™ to reconcile transaction records.

Destination Network type

GSMA PathFinder™ provides identification of network type, allowing fixed and mobile networks to be differentiated as part of the routing process.

Destination Validation

Network routing functions can check that a destination number conforms to a valid format and belongs to an allocated number range helping to identify certain types of fraud, and ensure that calls or messages addressed to invalid destination numbers do not take up valuable interconnect resources.

PBX Interconnect

GSMA PathFinder™ provides an alternative to complex numbering plan configuration in PBXs, allowing validity and routing information to be queried call by call.