GSMA Root DNS is the service that supports and maintains the name space for the international GRX/IPX packet network connecting operators for roaming and interconnect traffic. We administer three domain names in order to provide a private internet for mobile network operators to exchange traffic, so all VoLTE, VilTE, MMS, VoWiFi (calls, data and messages) arrive at their destinations in a safe, timely manner.

Roaming in particular relies on these domains to allow users and network equipment to identify each network.  As the industry transitions to 4G and 5G, to packet based technology, operators can rely on GSMA’s carrier grade Root DNS.

Service details

Mobile operators and virtual operators can register their network domains via the GSMA Root DNS service and have the information provided via zone transfer points to all the other network participants.

Name registrations and zone file access can be obtained directly via GSMA or more usually via the GRX/IPX service providers who use GSMA Root DNS.

GSMA Root DNS provides the following services:

  • Registration and administration of domain names according IR.67 specification
  • 4 Primary Name Server points of presence on three continents with multiple peering connections for DNS zone transfer services

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