GSMA Services Showcase Live – Series

A series of online sessions where we shine a light on the challenges and issues facing mobile teleco stakeholders, showing how a GSMA service can contribute to their resolution. With key insights from GSMAi, our customers, and our Product Team.

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Catch Up

Building resilience into network equipment security
Showcase Live #5


Wednesday 7 Sep 2022 | Network & Interconnect Services |

Speakers discuss why resilience in network equipment security is becoming more and more important. Plus, why GSMA NESAS is so essential in helping to improve security levels.

How eSIMs play a key part in mobile digitisation
Showcase Live #4


Wednesday 22 Jun 2022 | eSIM Services |

eSIM experts show how to leverage its business opportunities in the era of digitisation - including the importance of GSMA eSIM Discovery for MNOs.

The Telco Blockchain Opportunity
Showcase Live #3


Wednesday 11 May 2022 | GSMA Services Showcase Live | Roaming Services |

How can Blockchain streamline complex inter-operator business processes, ready for 5G and IoT? Watch this session to find out.

Getting VoLTE rollout right
Showcase Live #2


Wednesday 6 Apr 2022 | GSMA Services Showcase Live | Network & Interconnect Services |

How can operators and MVNOs ensure that VoLTE runs smoothly on their networks? Watch this session to find out.

Device information in a 5G world
Showcase Live #1


Wednesday 9 Feb 2022 | GSMA Services Showcase Live | TAC Services |

With all the varied and complex 5G devices, how can operators and MVNOs reach network optimisation? Watch this session to find out.