Streamline wholesale roaming processes

Our ground-breaking blockchain services provide faster roaming negotiation and settlement, with fewer disputes.

Get in touch today to be an early adopter, staying one step ahead and ready for 5G and IoT roaming, from as soon as April this year.

You will benefit from a unique 3-month fast-track mentoring programme where you and your nominated roaming partners will receive all the education, resources, and guidance you need.

Watch how blockchain is enabling our vision for roaming settlement

What the Accelerator offers:

  • GSMA eBusiness Network access
    A multi-party blockchain telco network, enabling more efficient and cost-effective inter-operator business.
  • GSMA Node
    An all-in-one toolkit provided and managed by GSMA, giving operators easy access to the GSMA eBusiness Network. We do all the work for you.
  • GSMA Negotiator
    Online negotiation environment for roaming managers to forecast, analyse, negotiate, and digitally sign roaming agreements. (This is an application enabled by the eBusiness Network Service).
  • GSMA Settlement
    Streamlined discount settlement process, for fewer disputes and speedier wholesale roaming billing. (This is an application enabled by the eBusiness Network Service).

In addition, GSMA will provide the following at sufficient capacity to conduct parallel running comparisons:

  • onboarding support
  • operational support
  • dedicated hosting facility
  • option to deploy on-premises using own server capacity
  • helpdesk
  • software operations and maintenance
  • software functionality updates in relation to standards alignment and GSMA’s ongoing feature roadmap
  • security patches as required

Your commitment

In recognition of this programme and its objectives, you will be asked to commit to using live operational data from selected roaming agreements – aligning with other participating roaming partners.

You will also need to commit to providing feedback relating to the commercial performance of the system, so that GSMA can adjust and improve its services to ensure a successful outcome for your organisation.

Get in touch today to be an early adopter

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