GSMA Device Map

GSMA Device Map

What is GSMA Device Map

GSMA Device Map, provided by DeviceAtlas, is the authoritative source of device intelligence for the mobile ecosystem. This intelligence is based on a unique combination of GSMA’s TAC (Type Allocation Code) data overlaid with an additional 150+ device capability characteristics provided from a global network of source for extra granularity.

With accelerating technological developments, increasing competition and ever-changing consumer behaviour, it has never been more important to efficiently leverage your business resources to cater to market demands and capitalise on opportunities. GSMA Device Map enables network operators (MNOs/MVNOs) and device insurers and repairers to make more informed strategic business decisions.

Ultimately, it provides a competitive edge by delivering rich device intelligence that enables enhanced customer experience, improved network efficiency and more. Available under license, data is refreshed daily and accessed via an API.

GSMA Device Map for operators

It is crucial for operators around the world to know more about the devices they connect, in order to serve better the subscribers who use them.  Only by knowing what types of device are on their networks, what features and capabilities those devices have, and how many of each are in play at a given time, can operators plan their services effectively and efficiently.

Mobile Network Operators and their service providers working in the GSM ecosystem can build a consistent, accurate, and up-to-date TAC-based device database reducing cost, time-consuming research and manual updates. GSMA Device Map data can deliver:

  • Precise device identification
  • Analytics of usage and claim profiles
  • BYOD and roaming ongoing support
  • Tracking IoT activity
  • Intelligent mobile network planning
  • Insight for targeted sales & marketing campaigns
  • Customer service support

GSMA Device Map for the insurance sector

How do insurers ensure that they have the most authoritative and up-to-date device intelligence to support new policy issuance and claims management? Today more and more companies in the insurance sector are turning to the GSMA TAC / IMEI datasets.

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