Drone Enable 2023

Drone Enable 2023

Start: Tuesday 5 December 2023 09:00

End: Thursday 7 December 2023 17:00

Venue: International Civil Aviation Organization Head Quarters

Location: Montreal, Canada

Drone Enable 2023: Innovation and infrastructure developments supporting the future of unmanned aviation.

Join us in Montréal from 05 – 07 December 2023, for DRONE ENABLE 2023 – ICAO’s Symposium on Unmanned Aircraft Systems. This event focuses on “Innovation and Infrastructure: Shaping Unmanned Aviation’s Future.”

Attendees from industry, academia, and international organizations will collaborate on key topics like UTM, CNS, spectrum management, and AAM, aiming for seamless integration of unmanned aircraft into global aviation. Selected speakers offer global solutions following a rigorous selection process based on maturity, completeness, and applicability. This symposium fosters networking and collaboration among aviation authorities, industry, and stakeholders, driving progress in this dynamic field. Together, we strive for a unified regulatory framework supporting Unmanned Aircraft Systems activities.

Make sure to join Barbara Pareglio, our resident Smart Mobility expert, for the session “What solutions are needed or being developed to address CNSS requirements in low-level airspace?”. Follow the link below for registration and full event details.