Valmont Records Longest BVLOS Flight with T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile, a leading US carrier, successfully facilitated a groundbreaking 5G-enabled unmanned drone flight, covering a distance exceeding 120 kilometres BVLOS. Valmont Industries, based in Nebraska and specializing in irrigation equipment, windmill support structures, and traffic steel utility poles, conducted the test flight, hailing it as an “industry-first.” The drone, equipped with high-resolution cameras and IoT monitoring sensors, completed a flight distance of 77 miles.

Valmont Industries aims to leverage drone technology for maintenance inspections across diverse sectors, including infrastructure, agriculture, solar and wind farms, power lines, disaster relief areas, and more. BVLOS drone flights provide an efficient means for organizations to access remote or challenging-to-reach locations], enabling the swift collection and sharing of data. This capability supports real-time analysis, monitoring, and crucial decision-making.

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