COP27 – Turning Ambition into Action

Since COP26, the mobile industry has been accelerating its ambition on science-based and net zero targets. The industry continues to align around the 1.5°C decarbonisation pathway.

Mobile Net Zero 2022 Stats

Here are the latest reports, papers and examples of how the mobile sector is turning its high level of ambition into climate action.

Latest reports
Renewable Electricity

In order for mobile network operators to achieve net zero targets they must transition to renewable electricity. Operators have been scaling up the amount of renewable electricity used to power networks. During 2021, 18% of total electricity consumption was sourced directly from renewable sources. This figure is up from 14% in 2020, and is in addition to renewables already part of the grid mix.

To help with this MNOs, policymakers and energy generators can collaborate to increase renewable electricity supply to match 2030 demand.

Case Studies

Adaptation and Resilience

As climate change results in rising sea levels and more extreme weather events, mobile operators’ networks could be damaged with greater frequency, resulting in more service interruption for customers and greater financial risks. Operators are therefore under increasing pressure to make their networks as robust as possible so they can withstand extreme weather and be restored quickly.

At the same time, mobile technology and innovation enabled through, for example, AI and big data is uniquely positioned to provide and enable tools for climate change mitigation, adaptation, weather disaster response, pollution and environmental monitoring.

Case Studies