Monday December 17, 2018

Airtel case study: Harnessing mobile Big Data to identify tuberculosis hotspots in India

Person looking at mobile phone smiling, light is reflecting on face in dark room

Bharti Airtel and the GSMA partnered with Be He@lthy, Be Mobile; an initiative born out of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to leverage mobile network insights to fight tuberculosis (TB). As the leading global cause of death from a single infectious agent for the past five years, India accounts for 26% of all TB2 deaths worldwide. By capitalising on mobile Big Data, combined with public information such as TB incidence, unique new insights can be generated to pinpoint geographical locations at risk of increased TB exposure. Understanding these patterns enables targeted strategies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment adherence in the battle to eradicate the TB epidemic by the UN’s goal of 2030.

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