How to make internet-enabled handsets more affordable in low- and middle-income countries

How to make internet-enabled handsets more affordable in low- and middle-income countries

Start: Wednesday 6 July 2022 11:00

End: Wednesday 6 July 2022 12:00

Venue: LinkedIn Live

Join us on Wednesday 6 July to explore innovative solutions for making handsets more affordable in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

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Our conversation will focus on ways mobile operators, policymakers and all stakeholders working on digital inclusion in LMICs can make handsets more affordable and accessible. You will learn how collaboration throughout the handset value chain is key to addressing this issue. This 1-hour session will bring together leading voices who will discuss innovative solutions to the affordability challenge in LMICs.

The affordability of internet-enabled handsets is a key barrier to using mobile internet, disproportionately affecting women, rural populations and lower income groups. While the price of an entry-level internet enabled handset has been declining, handsets have simultaneously become less affordable in many countries due to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a time where being connected is more critical than ever, it is urgent to draw attention to the development of innovative business models and approaches that make handsets accessible to a wide range of consumers. Handsets are diversifying, financing schemes are expanding, and governments are contributing in this effort to provide connectivity options to more underserved consumers. But we need to ramp up efforts and cooperation in each part of each country to ensure no one is left behind.

We look forward to discussing with you the most promising approaches to improve handset affordability. Have a look at our report on the topic and get your questions ready for our live session!


Welcome and Introduction
Isabelle Carboni, Insights Director, GSMA

Max Cuvellier, Head of M4D, GSMA


Making internet-enabled phones more affordable in LMICs

Presentation: Key findings from the Handset Affordability report

Anne Delaporte, Senior Insights Manager, GSMA


Fireside Chat

Country initiatives on handset affordability

Aurélie Adam-Soule Zoumarou, Minister of Digital Economy and Communnications, Benin

Angela Wamola, Head of SSA, GSMA


Panel Discussion

Reactions to the findings of the report

Sebastien Codeville, CEO, KaiOS

Davide Tacchino, Head of terminals Vodacom SA

Claire Sibthorpe, Head of Connected Society and Connected Women, GSMA


Closing Remarks
Isabelle Carboni, Insights Director, GSMA