Rachel, from a remote rural community near Morogoro, Tanzania

Lying outside Morogoro, close to the building of a vast new road, lies a small village. In its compass is a leper hospital. The nurses who offer administer palliative care to its patients are not well paid. In a scheme designed to enable them to supplement their income, each nurse is provided with a strip of land to farm and access to an agricultural advisor.

In a move to bolster harvest even further, Tigo, in partnership with Technoserve, are beta-trialling an agricultural advice service called m-Kilimo (‘farmer’) which aims to provide the farmers with agronomy information, market prices and help with selecting and buying pesticides and fungicides through their mobiles. We meet some of female farmers and carers on their land and ask them to tell us how mobile, and access to information via it, is helping to transform and benefit their lives. Rachel, 43, explains how it works.


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