Tuesday June 4, 2024

Video: Digitalising Innovative Finance – Receivables financing and revenue-share models

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There is a large funding gap for essential services in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The OECD estimates that $6.9 trillion a year is required up to 2030 to meet climate and SDG objectives. While there is a broad consensus among the donor community that private capital should be mobilised to help fill the funding gap, initiatives to ‘crowd-in’ private sector capital have so far fallen short of expectations.

The GSMA Digital Utilities programme and Mondato recently published a report on the role of digital technology in enabling access to innovative financing instruments to early-stage start-ups, SMEs, and service providers in LMICs. In our webinar series on this report, we are focusing on some of the financing instruments that were covered, and invite key experts and practitioners to share their perspectives.

This webinar hosted on 29 May 2024, focusses on the role of digital technology in making access to revenue share models and receivables financing more efficient, transparent and catalytic. We were joined by a great group of speakers from startups, the private sector, funders, and enabling organisations that are directly involved in these models. Speakers included:
✔️ David Ekabouma, GreenMax Capital Group
✔️ Jim Chu, Untapped Global
✔️ Jonathan Green, BasiGo
✔️ Krishna Swaroop, Sun King
✔️ Manon Dubois, Solaris Offgrid
✔️ Njeri Kara, Nithio
✔️Harbhajan Sing, CredAble

Read the report on ‘Digitalising Innovative Finance: A guide to key instruments for early-stage innovators in low- and middle-income countries’:

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