Global Adoption Survey of Mobile Financial Services

The Global Adoption Survey of Mobile Financial Services is an annual survey conducted by the Mobile Money Programme which captures quantitative information about the performance of mobile financial services. This data is used to develop the global State of the Industry report, and each survey respondent receives an individual benchmarking report in return for supplying their data. All data shared with the Mobile Money Programme is kept confidential and is governed by strict non-disclosure agreements.

Please email [email protected] for any questions or comments about the Global Adoption Survey. 

Global Adoption Survey Questionnaires

We are now accepting responses for the 2015 Global Adoption Survey of Mobile Financial Services. The questionnaires cover mobile money, mobile credit, mobile savings and mobile insurance services. Below you’ll find the 2015 questionnaires. Please note these downloadable files are .xls.

We are asking participants to complete the survey by 15th August.

Individual Benchmarking Reports

2014 Sample BenchmarkAll Global Adoption Survey participants receive a confidential Benchmark Report, providing detailed insights into the relative performance of their mobile financial service. Here, available to download, is a sample version of the Benchmark Report using fictional data for mock service ‘MMUPesa’.

Download the sample Benchmark Report

2014 Survey Participants

In 2014, the Global Adoption Survey of Mobile Financial Services had 127 respondents from 69 countries.

Learn more about these participants.