Mobile Money Request for Proposals (RfPs)

Call for Bids

Deadline: 03 May 2024 17:00 GMT

The GSMA Mobile Money – Scheme Operator for Mobile Money Certification

The Mobile Money Certification, formerly known as the Mobile Money Code of Conduct, is dedicated to fostering safer, more transparent, and trusted financial services for millions of mobile money users worldwide. This certification initiative aims to elevate the standards of mobile money services by promoting excellence and establishing a benchmark for all providers to strive towards. Through rigorous independent assessments, it evaluates a provider’s capacity to deliver secure, reliable services while safeguarding consumer rights and combating illicit financial activities such as money laundering and terrorism financing, in accordance with global best practices and industry standards.

Furthermore, the Certification serves as a valuable complement to local regulations, offering practical guidance to providers on implementing international best practices. As a collaborative effort within the industry, it inspires mobile money providers to go beyond regulatory compliance and aim for excellence in risk management and consumer protection. Embracing responsible business practices is crucial for both providers and regulators alike in advancing financial inclusion, promoting stability, upholding integrity, and safeguarding consumer interests.

The GSMA seeks a Scheme Operator for the Mobile Money Certification, adhering to the principles and objectives outlined in the Certification framework. The Scheme Operator will be responsible for managing and implementing the certification process in collaboration with mobile money providers and relevant stakeholders.

The supplier must demonstrate experience in managing certification and accreditation programs within the financial services sector, expertise in mobile money services, regulatory compliance, and risk management, and a strong understanding of industry best practices and global standards concerning financial services and consumer protection. Additionally, the supplier should have the ability to operate independently while ensuring impartiality in assessment processes.

The Request for Proposal (RfP) document is available for download below. Please confirm your intent to submit a proposal for the project by emailing [email protected] and cc’ing [email protected].