Sunday May 1, 2016

Notice and Takedown: Company policies and practices to remove online child sexual abuse material

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The GSMA’s Mobile Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Content was founded by an international group of mobile operators within the GSMA to obstruct the use of the mobile environment by individuals or organisations wishing to consume or profit from child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

This document, developed by UNICEF in partnership with the GSMA, provides insights to help companies establish policies and practices to support the prompt and effective removal of CSAM. In particular, it provides high-level guidance on:

  • Establishing a dedicated function to investigate and take appropriate action against CSAM.
  • Putting in place policies and operational procedures for acting on notices to take down CSAM after it is reported and investigated, including removal from access and circulation.
  • Establishing policies and practices for staff training and welfare.
  • Developing relationships and working with key stakeholders such as law enforcement and national hotlines.

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