Monday April 24, 2023

Review of mobile taxes and fees in Bangladesh

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The mobile industry in Bangladesh makes a significant economic and social contribution. It plays an important role in driving digital transformation in the country and the mobile technology will be critical in achieving the vision of “Smart Bangladesh” by 2041. However, the tax contribution of the mobile sector is significantly higher compared to similar markets in the region and severely limits the capacity of the mobile industry to invest in the network which, in turn, impedes the realisation of Smart Bangladesh.

This report presents an overview of the mobile sector taxation in Bangladesh for the year 2021. Further, leveraging the GSMA’s experience as a global industry body on policy best practices, the report outlines key recommendations on tax reform, which the policymakers in Bangladesh could consider to balance the objectives of raising government revenues from the mobile sector while minimising unintended consequences of taxation on digital development in the country.



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