Internet of Things

Mobilising the Internet of Things

Our mission is to foster a sustainable machine-to-machine (M2M) regulatory and policy environment that enables operators to unlock the consumer and business benefits of the Internet of Things.

A growing Internet of Things (IoT) provides a huge range of benefits to society, governments, citizens and businesses. From smart cities and connected vehicles to digital health solutions, IoT can make lives easier and safer, while saving consumers and businesses time and money. The mobile industry’s scale, cross-sector knowledge and expertise continue to strengthen its position at the heart of the IoT ecosystem, delivering rich new services over secure mobile networks.

Governments and regulators can help unlock these socio-economic benefits by implementing policies that promote innovation and investment, as well as introducing regulatory frameworks that build trust and are technology neutral. This will give confidence to consumers and the industry that will help to drive adoption of the IoT.

The GSMA has built an educational tool called the IoT Knowledgebase which is regularly updated with the latest information by the GSMA’s policy and regulatory experts.

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