Monday October 30, 2023

Powering Mobility: The rise of digital transportation in Africa

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Presently, 40% of Africa’s population resides in cities and is projected to grow to at least 60% by 2050, with an additional one billion people making towns and cities their homes over the next three decades. However, the rapid urbanization in Africa frequently lacks essential structural improvements, posing challenges for municipal governments and service providers in delivering reliable and affordable essential services, particularly in transportation. Urban areas across the continent grapple with issues such as congestion, high travel costs, safety concerns, and the expansion of city limits, all of which directly impact residents’ access to work, education, healthcare, and other vital services.

This report explores the landscape of African urban transportation and the transformative potential of digital innovation within the sector. It covers pivotal digitalization use cases, examines funding trends, and profiles organizations at the forefront of digital transportation. Additionally, the report provides actionable recommendations for enhancing transportation systems through digital solutions, which can address the pressing challenges posed by Africa’s rapid urbanization.

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