Government and regulators

Here are the services that support government departments and regulators.

Device Registry

Now you can flag financial and ownership claims on our global registry.

Device attribute data

How device identification is being used in the fight against counterfeit devices – discussed through global regulatory and LEA use cases.

Device Check

Find out the use cases for the new dataset that complements the blocklist.

Services for government and regulatory organisations

Find the solutions to the challenges your organisation faces here. From deterring device crime and fraud, to gaining business intelligence for IoT devices.

Protect against device crime and fraud

Flag the status of suspicious, vulnerable or at-risk devices, so those responsible for the devices are made aware and can act on the information, blocking the device where possible. 

Check a device’s status to confirm criminal activity

Instantly look up a device’s history to see whether it’s suspected of being involved in crime and identify the location a criminal attempted to sell a stolen device. 

Gain better-informed analytics

Improve frameworks and diagnostics through device attribute datasets, which provide essential insights in the 5G era.

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