Device Check

Look up a device’s status to instantly check whether it’s reported as lost, stolen, fraudulent or subject to an ownership or financial claim.

What is GSMA Device Check™?

Access to the world’s most accurate registry of mobile device status information, GSMA Device Registry. 

Device Check is its complementary service, where you can look up devices that have been flagged on the registry by the ecosystem – it provides over 10 years of a device’s history. 

Device crime and fraud

Check if a device is suspected of being stolen, fraudulent or broken.

Vulnerable or at-risk devices

Check if devices are subject to ownership or financial claims – such as being in transit, in an inventory or leased.

Why is it important for your business?

Here are some examples of how checking a device’s status can benefit your business.

Protect your business and reputation

Looking up the status of a device, or a bulk shipment’s, protects your business from the risk of handling suspicious devices

Eliminate stolen and restricted devices

Look up whether a device has been reported as stolen, fraudulent or constrained by an ownership or financial claim, before they enter supply chains.

Help repatriation to the rightful owner

Confirm the owner of a device if it’s been lost or stolen, so it can be returned to them.

Calculate a device’s true value

Check up to 10 attributes of the device to confirm authenticity and help calculate its value.

Practical examples of what it can do

When trading or insuring a device, GSMA Device Check™ lets you know the key information you need, so you can protect your business from financial loss and reputational harm.   

Trading devices

Trading devices

Check a device’s history to find out what you can do with it, (for example, whether it’s flagged as stolen, lost or broken), and how much it’s worth.

  • Reassure customers that second-hand devices have been vetted and therefore will work.
  • Provide fast response to your customers, confirming both device model and device status.
  • See whether a device has a financial or ownership claim so you can contact the seller to make sure it’s dealt with and removed prior to purchasing.
Smartphones on the counter of a modern electronics store
Insuring devices

Insuring devices

Check a device’s history to help discover its value and what you can do with it, (for example, whether it’s subject to an ownership or financial claim).

  • Reduce the likelihood of false or fraudulent insurance claims as you can check the device in question.
  • Confirm the device model to reduce over-stated monetary claims and help calculate the replacement value.
  • Check to see if the device has been reported prior to issuing a new policy.
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