GSMA Device Registry Enhancement is here

There is an exciting update to the GSMA Device Registry service in the form of the newly approved “Inventory Manager” role.

What is this “Inventory Manager” role update?

A new type of organisation is now eligible to report lost or stolen devices to the GSMA Device Registry. Inventory Managers support retailers and distributors with tools and services that help manage their inventory and, in case of loss or theft, to register devices on the GSMA Block List on their behalf.
This will allow more businesses to contribute to the Device Registry who may not otherwise have the resources or know-how to do so.

What are some benefits?

It is now possible for more eligible organisations to contribute to the Device Registry with ease of integration using tools already in place for inventory management.

Together, device owners and inventory managers can play a vital in deterring mobile device crime by reporting the use of lost or stolen devices, ultimately protecting devices and end-users.

What does this update mean for relevant businesses?

  • The Inventory Managers will be able to provide additional services to their clients who own device inventories
  • Organisations that provide inventory tracking and management solutions are well positioned to help device owners report their losses with high accuracy and reliability
  • These “Inventory Managers” can optimize their systems/solutions to help others identify devices received in inventory and when/if they are missing, and to report them to the Device Registry
    What are the next steps?

If you are interested in learning more about this update, and think it could be relevant for your business, please contact the GSMA