Data for Device Life Cycle Management

Showcase Live #6
Data for Device Life Cycle Management<h6>Showcase Live #6</h6>

Start: Wednesday 9 November 2022 14:00

End: Wednesday 9 November 2022 15:00

Join us virtually, as our speakers show how GSMA’s device data is helping businesses make the most of the growing pre-used mobile device market, giving practical solutions and use cases for the challenges it faces around the demand for increased sustainability.

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14:00 Welcome Nicolas Forster, GSMA Services
14:05 Sustainability & its Impact on the Device Ecosystem

A high-level overview of the sustainability topic in relation to device refurbishment, trade-ins and device circularity including an update on relevant GSMA Mobile4Development initiatives.

Tim Hatt, Head of Research and Consulting – Strategy, GSMA Intelligence
14:13 Safe Secondary Device Trading

Hear about the key status and device attribute checks Prolog undertake to help devices transition from one user to the next; safely whilst also maximizing all per-device revenue.

Seth Heine, Prolog Mobile
14:21 Making Tech Problems Painless

Likewize offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for mobile device protection against any technology disruption for both B2B and B2C.

Josh Beasley, Likewize
14:29 Digital-First Device Life Cycle Management

Device life cycle management to help MNOs improve device activation, service, and upgrade ‘moments of truth’ to increase customer loyalty.

Robert Hackl, MCE
14:37 Certifying Data for E-Commerce and the Device Life Cycle

The eCommerce market needs safe, trusted methodologies to enable second-hand/refurbished device sales.

Patrick Schneider, Phonecheck
14:55 Q&A + Closing Remarks Nicolas Forster, GSMA Services
15:00 Close

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