Device Counterfeiting and Fraud Prevention

Showcase Live #9
Device Counterfeiting and Fraud Prevention <h6>Showcase Live #9</h6>

Start: Wednesday 31 May 2023 14:00

End: Wednesday 31 May 2023 15:00

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Find out more about the role of device identification in the fight against counterfeit devices – and how it can protect your business. Global regulatory and LEA use cases will be discussed, along with best practices and the latest market statistics – which point to the value of TAC and insights based on this data.

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The role of device identification in the fight against counterfeit devices
Global regulatory and LEA use cases, best practices and latest market stats will help demonstrate the value and relevance of GSMA’s TAC related device data services.
Tyler Smith, Product Director, GSMA
Device Homolagation Best Practice
Hear how their device homologation national policy has significantly reduced counterfeit devices, helped by 24 access to GSMA’s TAC database.
Nauman Khalid, Director Type Approvals, Pakistan Telecom Authority Regulators
How new device status attributes will further support best in class device verificiation techniques
An exploration of GSMA’s device status lists including some new additions planned for Q3 2023 availability which will provide further evidence to help determine device verification and deter bad actors.
Jason Smith, Product Director, GSMA
How mobile device data is helping with criminal law enforcement
Role of mobile devices in criminal investigations through exploration of Law Enforcement use case.
Christian Dressler, Senior Expert Mobile Security, ZITis
Closing Remarks & Q&A Conor Dempsey, GSMA

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