The value of device identification and verification

Showcase Live #7
The value of device identification and verification <h6>Showcase Live #7</h6>

Start: Wednesday 15 February 2023 14:00

End: Wednesday 15 February 2023 15:00

Join us virtually, as we illustrate the importance of device identification and verification for a wide range of businesses involved in the mobile ecosystem. Both GSMA product directors and some customers, who use our information daily, will share use cases.


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14:00 Welcome Conor Dempsey, GSMA Services
14:05 Discover key trends on devices and their identity attributes, particularly around 5G and IoT. Pablo Iacopino, Head of Research and Commercial Content, GSMA Intelligence
14:15 Our experts bring you key 5G and IoT trends on devices and their identity attributes and show how our services can improve business performance and protect it from risk in 2023. Tyler Smith, Product Director, GSMA


Jason Smith, Senior Director, GSMA

 14:25 Service providers Invigo present their use cases – their MNO customer base finds the data vital to their businesses. Ibtissam Hajjar, Co-Founder, Invigo
14:35 This software development company providing device lifecycle solutions discusses the benefits of using GSMA identification and verification services. Harby Garchay, Director Global Operations, Blackbelt Smartphone Defence
14:45 Q&A + Closing Remarks Conor Dempsey, GSMA Services
15:00 Close

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