Friday August 9, 2019

FAQs re TAC Allocation Change for Indian Brand Owners/OEMs

From Tuesday 30 April 2019, you are required to apply for TAC through the GSMA IMEI Database as TAC allocations will no longer be available from Please contact the GSMA IMEI Helpdesk to plan your migration; they are ready to welcome and assist you. Either email here or call +1 408 617 8959.

1. What is happening & why?
You will no longer be able to apply for TAC through or MSAI. The GSMA are consolidating the TAC allocation service so that all India brand owners and OEMs will use the GSMA IMEI Database portal for all future TAC allocation activities. This allows you to use TAC allocated via the GSMA IMEI Database to formulate your own IMEI numbers, in accordance with the 3GPP specifications.

2. Will I notice any changes when I apply for TAC when I switch from using to GSMA IMEI Database? has been a front end to the GSMA IMEI database. So whilst the design/layout of our portal will be different, the required information you need to submit TAC allocation will remain the same. You will now be required to pay TAC allocation fees in US Dollars, via wire transfer or credit card. The global fee is USD $400 per TAC. Any existing TAC credit will be transferred from to the GSMA IMEI Database.

3. My TAC no longer start with 91, will this cause me issues?
There is no impact from the change in the first two digits of your TAC. The global TAC rules (per 3GPP and TS.06) stipulate that the first two digits of a TAC identify the reporting body, not the region where a TAC is allocated. . Therefore, when India manufacturers/brand owners migrate to the GSMA IMEI Database, TAC allocated will begin with 35. TAC beginning 35 are valid in India. You will find your previous TAC allocations under code 91 present in the GSMA IMEI Database.

4. What are the taxation implications regarding paying for TAC on GSMA IMEI Database (which is based outside of India)?
Our US-based not-for profit, GSMA Ltd does not have a taxable presence in India in relation to corporation tax. This means all local Indian companies are required by law to pay TDS, the Indian withholding tax. The GSMA will prepare and forward annual documents, according to the Indian tax requirements.

5. How can I learn about the GSMA IMEI Database TAC allocation process?
Training materials can be found in the GSMA IMEI Database portal to guide you through the global GSMA TAC allocation rules and processes. Please share the material/links with your relevant colleagues. There are 4 modules: Governing Rules, Registration, Payment and Application Form Fill.

6. Can I request individual IMEI allocations or IMEI ranges?
No. Global IMEI rules (3GPP and TS.06) only permit allocation of the first portion of the IMEI, the 8-digit TAC. This is a range of 1 million IMEI. Manufacturers form unique IMEI in their devices from the allocated TAC code. For more information on how to assign IMEI numbers, please see the IMEI Training Materials.

7. Will this change affect other services I receive from MSAI?
This change only impacts TAC allocation.

8. What will happen to my TAC applications which have been submitted but not yet completed?
If your TAC application is not completed prior to end of business hours on Monday 29 April 2019, it will be moved to GSMA IMEI Database and processed. Please contact GSMA IMEI Helpdesk for support.

9. I cannot log in to the GSMA IMEI Database, what should I do?
Please contact the GSMA IMEI Helpdesk:
Email [email protected] or
Telephone +1 408 617 8959.
There are training materials to guide you through the GSMA TAC allocation rules and GSMA IMEI Database processes. Please share with your colleagues. There are 4 training modules: Governing Rules, Registration, Payment & Application FormFill.

If you have not applied for TAC previously through, you will need to register your company. Read the Registration training module to ensure you have all the correct paperwork to hand before you begin the registration process.

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