Introduction to GSMA eSIM Discovery, WAS#13 Video featuring Thales

e-SIM adoption is accelerating. According to a recent GSMA Intelligence report, (eSIM: state of the consumer market and the road ahead), ‘At the end of 2020, at least 175 mobile service providers (MNOs and MVNOs) had launched commercial eSIM services for smartphones across at least 69 countries.’ So it makes business sense to be part of this evolution, and start unlocking eSIM’s value right now.

Part of the digital transformation of the consumer journey, GSMA eSIM Discovery is the eSIM remote provisioning method the industry has defined and requested. It’s the only universal way of activating eSIM subscriptions. So this service is here to make life easier and more cost-effective for you and the eSIM ecosystem. Also, as it’s fully digital, it’s flexible, and works across the majority of eSIM consumer devices from both operators and the open market, ensuring a simple, quick and seamless experience for your customers.

Find out more in this video recording featuring GSMA and Thales:

Note: since this video was recorded, one more partner joined the GSMA eSIM Discovery Service, Truphone. Therefore Giesecke+Devrient, Thales and Truphone are our first three SM DP+ service provider partners who have integrated the GSMA eSIM Discovery into their existing suite of SM DP+ eSIM management services.

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