Fully automated drone delivery flights over a prioritised network are getting closer

KPN recently conducted a new pilot on a drone delivery flight in which it investigated the possibilities of flying BVLOS in the Dutch harbour city of Rotterdam.

Drones are extremely useful for the Port of Rotterdam, where this pilot took place. They can improve current logistics, save the city of Rotterdam time, and increase convenience, by delivering packages to several locations quickly and efficiently. Delivery drones are also a more environmentally friendly option than some of the alternative solutions on offer.

As an important safety procedure, KPN can also make sure the drone will be given precedence over other network traffic – called network prioritisation or Application Priority.

What KPN have shown in conducting this pilot, is that we now have the opportunity to fly drones further than before, in a safe, efficient way, providing a wide range of advantages – in deliveries and logistics, as well as several other use cases.

“The result of this test gives us the opportunity to work towards a flight that goes even further than what we have seen today. A so-called Beyond Visual Line of Sight flight, in which the flight is facilitated fully by our 5G network.”

Daan van Dijk, Innovation Consultant, KPN

The test results of the pilot, including the results of other test flights, have partly resulted in the successful start of BVLOS test flights between Dutch cities with a medical transport drone. Watch the video here to see Dutch Drone Delta members, including KPN and the Port of Rotterdam, working towards fully automated flights over 5G.

You can learn more about the work that KPN are doing with drones at the upcoming events:

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