5G IoT Forum Meeting #4

5G IoT Forum Meeting #4

Start: Wednesday 13 September 2023 12:30

End: Wednesday 13 September 2023 13:30

The 5G IoT Forum is to provide all industry and wider ecosystem stakeholders with market representation to accelerate the wide-spread adoption of 3GPP-standard 5G technologies including Mobile IoT (LPWA), LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies and evolve to Massive IoT. In the Forum we will discuss issues facing the IoT Industry and make proposals to the 5G IoT Strategy Group.

The meeting contents and details will be shared.

All GSMA members are welcome to join. Please visit 5G IoT Forum for details.


Chair Welcome

Jens Olejak, Deutsche Telekom
Marjana Senčar Srdič, A1


The evolving cellular IoT connectivity landscape and other emerging trends: an analyst’s perspective

Matt Hatton, Transforma Insights


Ambient IoT Industry Progress

Yi Shi, Huawei


GSMA Open Gateway

Helene Vigue, GSMA