Thursday November 16, 2023

Manufacturing Summit – MWC Vegas 2023


The Manufacturing Summit returned to Industry City at MWC23 Las Vegas in September 2023, with a focus on the industrial workplace, Private Mobile Networks, and supply chains. The videos of each session are available to watch below.

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On day two of MWC Las Vegas, we will be exploring the latest mobile technologies that are delivering exciting changes in the industrial sector by improving critical communications, delivering new opportunities for training and support, and improving worker safety by switching humans for machines in dangerous environments and more.

Our Sessions

Manufacturing Summit: Why do manufacturers want private networks?

Mobile Private Networks are a hot topic and in the last 18 months there has been an explosion in the number of organisations offering solutions to the industrial manufacturing sector and enterprises.

Private 5G industrial wireless networks provide several advantages including low latency, privacy, security, aggregation of high bandwidth data and the ability to modernize manufacturing lines by sharing equipment and mobile robots and AGVs at different times.

This session we will discuss some of the key drivers, various deployment models, successful partnerships and how mobile technology is addressing challenges. Discover more about the implementation options and real-life case studies.


Manufacturing Summit: Revolutionizing the Industrial Workplace

Smart connected technology is driving a generational shift in the industrial sector. Industry 4.0 signals the arrival of unlimited possibilities for improved efficiency and sustainability, greater reliability of connected devices and sensors combined with advances in 5G technology including Digital Twins, AI & Machine Learning which is at the heart of delivering new data insights, planning and prediction tools, & autonomous machines and processes.

In this session, we will be asking industry experts what exactly this digital transformation means for the next generation of industrial workforce including safety, training, and remote collaboration.



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