Monday October 29, 2018

GSMA IoT On-Demand Webinar: Industry 4.0 – Optimising Industrial IoT with Mobile IoT

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A total of 70 Mobile IoT networks, including LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines) and NB-IoT (NarrowBand IoT), have been launched, enabling a fraction of the 25.2 billion IoT connections by 2025 per forecast by GSMA Intelligence. Mobile IoT, the low power wide area (LPWA) 3GPP-standardised network in licensed spectrum, is designed for IoT applications that are low cost, use low data rates, require long battery lives and often operate in remote and hard to reach locations.

In this webinar, industry experts from GSMA, mobile operators and key ecosystem partners illustrated the role of Mobile IoT technologies in the development of Industrial IoT, how various Industrial applications would be enhanced and optimised with the use of Mobile IoT and discuss the innovative industrial use cases including digital factory, smart machinery and more, followed by the Q&A session.

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The GSMA IoT Webinar Series 2018-19

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