Innovative IoT Showcase at Mobile 360 in Asia-Pacific: Partnership Enables Mobile Industry’s Expansion Beyond Connectivity

Led by Mark Harms, Senior Consultant of Award Solutions, the IoT Guided Tours are catered to attendees and exhibitors alike. Each tour will take you on a journey with unique educational opportunities through an interactive story.

IoT Guided Tours Schedule:

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Tuesday Oct 22 Wednesday Oct 23 Thursday Oct 24
Foundations of IoT
We will take you on a focused experience to interact with some of the leading companies in the IoT space. We will cover the full spectrum from infrastructure to consumer endpoints, so you can explore how IoT fits into your business.





How to Purchase your Tour Spot?

While registering for your MWC19 Los Angeles pass, you can also purchase your Topic Tours.

Registered already? Go to My Registration Account, either click Purchase Summary then Add More; or click Topic Tours under My Account, and buy the tours you want to take. When purchasing multiple tours, be sure tour times are not overlapping prior to payment.