Financial Services

The GSMA provides an opportunity to listen, better understand needs and showcase the latest innovative mobile eco-system solutions deployed worldwide.  

Sponsoring increased collaboration between the financial services vertical and the mobile eco-system, the GSMA brings together mobile operators, financial services partners and vendors to explore areas of common interest, showcase the latest innovations and co-create new solutions. 


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GSMA Services

The GSMA Fraud and Security Services has been developed to provide the tools needed to take swift action against the most prevalent global threats, which have been identified by the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG). Explore the latest Fraud and Security Services from the GSMA including GSMA Fraud Intelligence, GSMA Device Map and more, protecting your business from big losses.

GSMA Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape 2021

Download your copy of the GSMA Mobile Telecommunications Security Landscape 2021.

The report provides an overview of the significant security topics that GSMA see as important for the mobile industry.

2020 saw a range of changes in the security landscape whilst traditional threat areas and actors continue to be present and pressure on networks remains. This guide gives insights into the security landscape of the mobile telecommunications ecosystem, details key dimensions of consideration, and offers guidance to mitigate and tackle such threats.