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Mobile Connect specifications

Mobile Connect is a portfolio of mobile-enabled services to provide authentication, authorisation, identity services and network attribute services to be used in conjunction with services offered to a user by service providers

IDY Number Specification Title Version PDF version Word Version
IDY.01 Mobile Connect device initiated OIDC profile 3.0 IDY.01 3.0 IDY.01 3.0
IDY.02 Mobile Connect Server Initiated OIDC profile 2.0 IDY.02 2.0 IDY.02 2.0
IDY.03 Mobile Connect Resource Server Technical Requirements 1.0 IDY.03 1.0 IDY.03 1.0
IDY.04 Mobile Connect Core Technical Requirements 1.2 IDY.04 1.2 IDY.04 1.2
IDY.05 Mobile Connect Technical Reference 2.0 IDY.05 2.0 IDY.05 2.0
IDY.06 Mobile Connect Implementation Guidelines 1.0 IDY.06 v1.0 IDY.06 v1.0
IDY.10 Mobile Connect SIM Applet Authentication Specification 2.2.1 IDY.10 2.2.1 IDY.10 2.2.1
IDY.11 Mobile Connect SIM applet – LoA 4 extensions specification 1.0.1 IDY.11 1.0.1 IDY.11 1.0.1
IDY.12 Mobile Connect smartphone app authenticator specification 1.2 IDY.12 1.2 IDY.12 1.2
IDY.14 Mobile Connect SIM Toolkit – Device Requirements to improve Mobile – Connect Customer Experience 1.1 IDY.14 1.1 IDY.14 1.1
IDY.16 Mobile Connect Product Manager’s Lifecycle Handbook 1.3 IDY.16 1.3 IDY.16 1.3
IDY.17 Mobile Connect Product Guidelines 1.1 IDY.17 1.1 IDY.17 1.1
IDY.18 Mobile Connect Authentication Definition and Technical Requirements 1.0 IDY.18 1.0 IDY.18 1.0
IDY.19 Mobile Connect Authorisation Definition and Technical Requirements 1.0 IDY.19 1.0 IDY.19 1.0
IDY.20 Mobile Connect Authorisation Technical Requirements 1.1 IDY.20 1.1 IDY.20 1.1
IDY.21 Mobile Connect Identity Services Technical Requirements 1.1 IDY.21 1.1 IDY.21 1.1
IDY.23 Mobile Connect KYC Match Definition and Technical Requirements 1.0 IDY.23 v1.0 IDY.23 v1.0
IDY.24 Mobile Connect Account Takeover Protection Definition and Technical Requirements 2.0 IDY.24 2.0 IDY.24 2.0
IDY.25 Mobile Connect Authorise PKI Definition and Technical Requirements 1.0 IDY.25 1.0 IDY.25 1.0
IDY.54 Mobile Connect Verified MSISDN Definition and Technical Requirements 1.0 IDY.54 1.0 IDY.54 1.0
IDY.55 User Questioning Service Enabler Technical Specification 1.2 IDG.55 1.2 IDY.55 1.2
IDY.56 Mobile Connect Client Credentials Profile v1.0 1.0 IDY.56 1.0 IDY.56 1.0
IDY.56-1 Mobile Connect Client Credentials for Attributes – Configuration A 1.0 IDY.56-1 1.0 IDY.56-1 1.0
IDY.56-2 Mobile Connect Client Credentials for Attributes – Configuration B 1.0 IDY.56-2 1.0 IDY.56-2 1.0

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