MWC19 Los Angeles – RCS Business Messaging Seminar: Intelligently Transforming Consumer Experiences

MWC19 Los Angeles –  RCS Business Messaging Seminar: Intelligently Transforming Consumer Experiences

Start: Tuesday 22 October 2019 10:30

End: Tuesday 22 October 2019 12:30

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)

Location: C2.408B – Concourse Level 2

Agenda and SpeakersRegister

Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center

Room: C2.408B – Concourse level 2

The GSMA’s Future Networks Programme are pleased to invite you to the RCS Business Messaging Seminar at MWC Los Angeles 2019. Hear from key players in the industry who will discuss the current state of play of RCS and the Business Messaging market; the incredible results of live RCS campaigns; the commercial opportunities and market potential of this platform; the strategic vision for RCS, and much more.

Consumers are driving digital transformation as they seek to enhance and simplify their lives, connecting with brands that deliver what they want at exactly the moment they need it.

RCS Business Messaging enables consumers to interact with all of their brands in one place, their native Operator messaging app.  Fully branded interactive rich experiences are personalised and trusted resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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Zipwhip empowers companies to communicate with their customers in the most effective and preferred way possible – text messaging. As the pioneer of texting for business, Zipwhip first enabled text messaging to and from existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers in 2014. Zipwhip’s direct network connectivity, intuitive cloud-based software and an enterprise-grade API mean businesses can use any computer or mobile device to securely and reliably reach their customers, every time.

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About MWC19 Los Angeles:

Attendees will explore Intelligent Connectivity – the powerful combination of high-speed 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. Nearly 22,000 industry influencers and business professionals will be inspired by next level innovation and thought-leadership that will impact our digital experiences, society and the world.

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Welcome from GSMA

Jill Cooper
Programme Marketing Director


Why RCS/ Global Competition Landscape

Henry Calvert
Head of Future Networks


RCS Business Messaging at Vodafone: an update

  • RCS Business Messaging is a reality and is slowly but steadily growing worldwide
  • Vodafone campaigns show excellent engagement results and we see similar uplift when running campaigns with big name brands
  • To incubate the success of this new channel, the industry must move now to ensure RCS Business Messaging is available across all mobile networks

Liz McCord
Principal Product Manager
Vodafone Group


Building a new global business with RCS

  • The ecosystem is making progress towards scaling
  • RCS globally RCS enables conversational experiences that bring brands closer to their consumers
  • Carriers and brands are meeting their goals today through RCS business messaging

Adrienne McCallister
Senior Director of Partnerships


Learn from the disruptors changing the (ball)game

  • Aramark’s Peter Czimback shares the story of how he leveraged LivePerson’s conversational commerce technology to change the live game-viewing experience with his Brew2U project, which allowed fans to order beer to their seats, straight from Apple Business Chat
  • Now, Aramark has their sights set beyond the ball park. They’re looking at how conversational commerce can transform the way people interact with their major lines of business. From hospital staff and patients, to students, to grounds keepers Aramark is setting out to remove the friction from the customer experience.

Peter Czimback
Vice President of Digital Incubation – Global Aramark


The Future of Texting for Business

  • Much of the conversation around RCS has been about bots but the human-to-human interactions will be the delighting factor for customers
  • As RCS matures, businesses should avoid turning RCS into the next Interactive Voice Response system
  • Human-to-human interactions in RCS will be how businesses extend their engagement with customers

Alison Billings
VP Industry Development U.S


How Operator Sponsored RCS will Win Consumer’s Hearts and Brand Budgets

  • What they think about messaging providers
  • What they think about brands and messaging together
  • What they think about Operators providing these services

Mary Clark
Chief Product Officer and CMO


RCS in the Era of People

  • We stand on the edge of unleashing enormous power and value for people – what does this mean for brands and the traditional communication models they rely on?
  • How micro-sponsorships will transform the advertising ecosystem and reverse the value model.

Sue Fennessy
Founder and CEO


Panel discussion

Moderated by Henry Calvert
Head of Future Networks






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