MWC23 Las Vegas – Private Wireless Summit

MWC23 Las Vegas – Private Wireless Summit

Start: Wednesday 27 September 2023 09:00

End: Wednesday 27 September 2023 12:00

Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center

Location: West Hall W225

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A New Era in Enterprise Mobility, Automation and Productivity

Private Wireless Networks are redefining enterprise mobility. With multiple technology options available beyond Wi-Fi, enterprises are rapidly moving towards a wireless first approach to IT and OT transformation.

Private Wireless Networks meet the digital transformation needs of multiple industries by delivering higher performance and low latency connections reliably and securely to deliver the business outcomes ranging from automation, customer experience, safety and security applications.

The Private Wireless Networks Summit offers a comprehensive and objective series of panels and presentations from early enterprise adopters, leading solutions providers, systems integrators and more. This specialized program is designed to educate and inform, without selling any products or services, and will appeal to executives from any industry sector and business.

Who Should Attend

  • Enterprise CTOs and COOs
  • Enterprise OT/IT executives
  • Enterprise Systems Integrators (SIs)
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
  • Communications Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Telcos, Rural Cellular and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)
  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and MVNOs
  • Cellular IoT Solutions connectivity providers
  • Private Networks Device, RAN and Technology Suppliers
  • Testing, RF and RAN Planning Solutions Suppliers

9:00am The Enterprise Adoption Curve: What Have We Learned in the Past Year?

· What are the common business cases that seem to get traction from enterprise buyers across industries: Connected worker? Automation? Surveillance/camera?

· What are the lessons learned for vendors, SIs and MSPs from early use cases?

· Will mobility continue to be the private wireless networks super-power to compete and differentiate from Mobility and OT technologies?

Speaker: Joe Madden, Founder & Chief Analyst, Mobile Experts

9:20am OnGo, Indoor Private Networks and the Road to Enterprise Adoption

OnGo Alliance Chairman and early thought-leader in the development of CBRS and shared spectrum services, Preston Marshall offers a unique perspective on the evolution of private enterprise networks in general, CBRS specific, and the road forward to greater adoption. Hint: the path to prosperity and innovation is through a recalibration of network costs, deployment models and services designed for small scale indoor networks designed to meet a new benchmark: assured latency in network performance.

Speaker: Preston Marshall, Chairman, OnGo Alliance; Director, Wireless Policy and Standards, Google Global Networking, Internet Evangelism

9:45am Private Networks: Purpose-built by Enterprise Experts to Power Enterprise Outcomes

In the final analysis, for enterprises the network is an enabler not a technology product. For leading MSPs, the opportunity for private networks is to bring together a tailored mix of wireless technologies such as private LTE/5G and mmWave spectrum to offer a fully managed service from design to deployment to ongoing support and network management for commercial and government customers. Cox Private Networks discusses its vision for deploying purpose-built solutions to overcome real-world challenges in work processes, procedures, and into the everyday activities of the enterprise customer.

Speaker: Brett Lasher, GM, Cox Private networks

10:10am Panel: Early Enterprise Adopters

This is a wide-ranging discussion from early adopters in enterprise organizations representing several key industry sectors.

Rishma Khimji, Chief IT Officer, Las Vegas International Airport

Ray Clounch, Principal Architect,Private Wireless Services, Logicalis US

Jason Wallin, Principal Architect, John Deere

Mike Owen, CTO, BearCom

Moderator: Ashish Jain, CEO of KAIROS Pulse and Chief Editor of

10:40am Business Value: Automation, Robotics & Connected Objects in Motion – Private cellular – 4G and ultimately 5G – offer tremendous value to manufacturing facilities incorporating automation, robotics and any objects in motion (including workers). This session examines this use case and explains the outcomes manufacturers expect from a mobile solution in their pursuit of more efficient and cost-effective plant operations.

Doug Benson, 5G Principal Product Manager, Microsoft
Greg Giles, Vice President, Product Development, Red Viking
Varun Vashisht, Vice President Sales & Strategy, Trilogy Next Gen

11:00am Global Private 5G Connectivity: Solving the Problems of Challenging Environments – Opening up spectrum for private use has been one of the drivers for enterprise customers to consider using 5G in their networks. However, interference risk, capacity efficiency, maintaining costs, and other challenges must be considered when deploying in dense, complex wireless environments. Globalstar’s unique private 5G service, Band n53, is a versatile, fully licensed terrestrial channel connecting to remote areas and direct-to-cell and IoT devices. Along with Globalstar’s new XCOMP technology, carriers, cable companies, system integrators, and enterprises can deploy 5G private networks in challenging environments by utilizing this regulated band and gaining control over spectrum utilization while enabling capacity gains and greater efficiencies.
Speaker: Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO, Globalstar

11:30am 5G Neutral Host Networks

Commonly described as a 5G neutral host network, a privately deployed 5G network in this configuration provides 5G coverage to the mobile subscribers of any number of mobile network operators (MNOs), as if the subscriber were within its operator’s own area of network coverage. In addition to extending the MNO’s public cellular coverage inside the building, a neutral host network also operates as a standalone private 5G network, under enterprise control and serving enterprise users and business objectives. This is not possible with a DAS solution. A “neutral host” can accept all clients, rather than only those with credentials from a single service provider, by acting as a shared resource that does not depend on licensed spectrum from a single company.

Joel Lindholm, CEO and Co-Founder, InfiniG
Alok Sarsidharan, Vice President – Specialized and Asset Finance, Macquarie Group
Harald Remmert, CTO, Digi

Eric Rozencwaig, VP, Redevi (Moderator)

12:00pm Private Wireless Summit Concludes

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