Wednesday July 1, 2020

5G Live #3: Green 5G – Catch Up

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Watch the 5G Live #3: Green 5G webinar and download the speakers’ presentations.

On Wednesday, 01 July, The Future Networks Programme hosted the third ‘5G Live’ webinar with Huawei.

In this webinar, Ray Williamson, Director of Wireless PLM, Europe from Huawei outlined energy-saving solutions for each stage of the network: in the radio product, at the site and across the entire network. Huawei’s R&D innovation produces 5G Active Antenna Units (AAUs) which deliver 50x larger cell capacity without increasing the energy consumption of existing 4G Remote Radio Units (RRUs). Ray also outlined how implementing AI drives savings at the network level including:

  • Outline of the drivers for energy-efficient mobile networks
  • Discuss how a range of technologies are reducing energy consumption within the RAN
  • Explain how AI will play a key role in further reductions in energy consumption


Company Speaker Presentation
GSMA Paul Schonewald, Programme Marketing Director 5G Live Overview
GSMA Michele Zarri, Technical Director 5G Update
Huawei Ray Williamson, Director of Wireless PLM, Europe Green 5G

Watch the webinar and download the presentations

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