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The HD voice logo is a universally recognised symbol, identifying HD Voice enabled services and devices. With the growing momentum of these services, this is the perfect time to join the group of companies licensed to use the logo. HD Voice is commercially available on 117 mobile networks in 73 Countries and 17 new operators have launched HD Voice so far in 2014.

The logo is designed for operators and device manufacturers to market and promote HD Voice capabilities on their networks and products. This year so far has seen 13 new HD Voice Licensees using the logo to highlight their crystal clear HD Voice service. HD voice is an important loyalty factor for customers, recommended by more than 85% of them. And, this positive attitude is supported further by the fact that customers are seen to have better opinions of their mobile network operator who are perceived as innovators.

To start displaying and promoting the logo, devices need to meet the specified minimum requirements for HD Voice in any one of the supported technologies (LTE, GSM/UMTS, CDMA2000 and DECT). Find out about the specific requirements and different Licensee agreements.

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