Innovator Profile: Ausonia

Friendly power solutions that lower OpEX and CapEx.

Right now, one of any Mobile Network Operator (MNO)’s major concerns, is the cost of operating traditional power solutions. How do MNOs find the best energy solution to deploy on each site, with the ability to achieve the lowest CapEX and the highest OpEX reduction?

With 93 years of experience in the power business and thousands of installations across the globe for different applications, Italian genset solution company Ausonia is very active in the telecommunications industry, offering a wide portfolio of energy solutions to help MNOs and tower companies reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Following the growing urgency for MNOs to address the environmental impact of the traditional generators, in 2012 Ausonia launched its High-Efficiency Direct Current (DC) Gensets portfolio. This was designed to meet the needs of the telecom industry in lowering CO2 emissions, as well as looking to reduce OpEX and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In cases where MNOs want to lower their CapEX with efficient and reliable solutions for rural remote sites, Ausonia has provided a Dual DC Gensets set-up, consisting of a “2-in-1” solution – integrating twin variable speed DC generators, designed to power high load profiles, guarantee full redundancy and maximum power availability levels. In comparison to traditional AC generators in a 1+1 configuration, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by up to 63%, reducing the number of site visits by 88% and reducing the TCO by 51%, with a payback period of only 11 months and guaranteeing a power availability rate close to 99.99%.

As well as designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide range of power solutions, Ausonia has also created its own energy service company (ESCO) known as MediPower, to provide energy-as-a-service, based on the OpEX model. The controlled ESCO uses Ausonia Gensets to perform their services under  Power Lease Agreements signed by all the MNOs operating in Italian territory.

The capability to develop, design, manufacture and offer energy solutions to the customers, starting from a basic CapEX offer to a pure OpEX business model, represents a unique value proposition in the telecom market. This gives new potential customers a strong sense of confidence, as they see Ausonia not only as a manufacturer of power solutions but also as the first user of their own products.

Ausonia has helped MNOs in several countries (e.g. Zimbabwe, Liberia, and Chile) to replace their existing power set-up with a new hybrid power system, integrating a variable speed DC Genset with deep-cycle batteries in an all-in-one product.

In some case, the MNO selected the newest Hybrid Solar DC Gensets range, enabling integration of  different energy sources (Solar, Grid or Diesel Generator) into one single product with a small footprint, and an integrated DC cooled cabinet, housing the telecommunications equipment on racks and further reducing the CapEX investments of the customers, also allowing operational savings. This solution provides specific fuel consumption rates of 0.4 l/kWh and this can be reduced further, especially in cases of very low load applications or with the integration of renewable energies.

Additionally, Ausonia energy solutions can be equipped with anti-theft devices that help customers to reduce the risks connected to the theft of fuel, batteries and other components of the power systems, further increasing CapEx savings on replacements.

The company is aware that the telecommunications industry is changing rapidly and new scenarios are constantly emerging; this naturally leads to new energy requirements which Ausonia is ready to follow closely, by adapting its energy solutions portfolio to new power demands, providing more specific technical requirements and efficient technologies.


Over the years, Ausonia has worked with many MNOs and tower companies across the globe and has come to understand their specific power needs, allowing identification of the right configuration for their sites. As a result of these efforts and in partnership with its’ clients, Ausonia has one of the most acclaimed portfolios of AC and DC genset solutions in the telecom industry, with a large number of installations in different countries and strong references, even among the ESCO community, especially in Africa and South-East Asia.

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