Innovator Profile: Turkcell

Turkcell: Reduces carbon emissions with Hybrid Generator

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Mobile Network Operators target to offer 99.999% network availability to their subscribers so that they can enjoy high quality, and uninterrupted service. One of the leading causes of interruption for a mobile operator in their base station sites is energy-related issues. Telecom equipment in mobile network operators’ base station sites requires continuous electricity especially during a power outage, which causes an interruption in the service. Telecom operators benefit from the grid as the primary source of energy where possible. However, when the location where a Telecom operator needs to provide service does not have a reliable connection to the grid; diesel gen-sets can be the only alternative to power the base station site. These gen-sets consumes a significant amount of fuel, resulting in high OpEx and carbon emissions.

Turkcell is a digital operator headquartered in Turkey, serving its customers with its unique portfolio of digital services along with voice, messaging, data and IPTV services on its mobile and fixed networks. Turkcell monitors its carbon emissions closely and takes actions to reduce it.

In Turkcell’s situation, at few base station sites where grid power is not available and or are unreliable, a traditional diesel generator is used, which consumes significant amount of fuel, high OpEx and carbon emissions. With the implementation of the Teksan Hybrid Generator, OpEx cost was reduced by roughly 40% in comparison to the traditional gen sets.

Although potential OpEx savings for Turkcell is small due to wide coverage and high availability of electricity grid in Turkey, this solution has potential OpEx savings of around 8% that can be achieved by other mobile operators who may be present in developing Low Urban areas where grid availability is low.


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