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Lessons from European spectrum pricing

04 October 2017 |

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The GSMA’s “Effective Spectrum Pricing in Europe” report highlights good and bad practice by policymakers. For governments that want to help deliver affordable, high quality mobile broadband services there are valuable lessons. This report follows the global study published earlier this year …

The GSMA WRC Series – getting ready for 2019

19 September 2017 |

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To keep up with demands for higher speeds and better coverage mobile operators need more spectrum. Whether they get it or not, is in part based on decisions made at the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC). An event the GSMA WRC …

Improving rural connectivity in Southeast Asia

23 August 2017 |

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Closing the digital divide is a high priority for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is key to the association’s plan to provide affordable rural connectivity. Mobile broadband has grown significantly in the past few years. In part, …

Effective spectrum pricing helps boost mobile services

22 February 2017 |

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The GSMA has published ‘Effective Spectrum Pricing’, a research report on spectrum pricing, including the impact on consumers. NERA Economic Consulting helped develop the report. It links high spectrum prices to more expensive, lower quality mobile broadband services. The report …

GSMA Reveals Economic Impact of Mobile in Bangladesh

18 January 2017 |

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Dhaka – The GSMA today revealed the positive impact of mobile in Bangladesh. It also highlights the potential for even further growth and innovation. According to GSMA Intelligence, mobile technologies and services generated 6.2 per cent of the country’s GDP …


03 November 2015 |

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US$440 Million Would be Generated in London and Shenzhen Alone Hong Kong – The use of additional C-band spectrum for mobile broadband in London and Shenzhen alone will generate an additional US$440 million (€400 million) of economic benefit whilst protecting …


29 October 2015 |

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Opportunity for Asia Pacific to Align With Rest of World to Create Globally Harmonised Band London: The GSMA has published a new report outlining the global socio-economic benefits that could be realised with the identification of L-band spectrum (1350-1400MHz/1427-1518MHz) for …

The Socio-Economic Impact of Allocating Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Services in Vietnam

21 July 2015 |

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This research was conducted jointly by The Faculty of Electronics & Telecommunications, VNU University of Engineering & Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, and The Economic Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Posts & Telecommunications Institute of Technology. The paper details …

Building Thailand’s Digital Economy and Society Report

05 May 2015 |

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Analysys Mason was appointed by the GSM Association (GSMA) to examine developments in the mobile broadband market in Thailand and the socio-economic benefits associated with these developments. The report also discusses how government policy in Thailand can support the realisation of these benefits, providing a …

Wireless Backhaul Spectrum Policy Recommendations & Analysis Report

02 December 2014 |

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Mobile operators have always needed backhaul solutions to carry initially voice traffic, followed by text messages and then mobile data. The advent of LTE is expected to place even greater challenges on the mobile operators as they strive for more …

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