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The GSMA WRC Series – getting ready for WRC-19

To keep up with demands for higher speeds and better coverage mobile operators need more spectrum. Whether they get it or not, is in part based on decisions made at the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2019 (WRC-19). An event the …

5G spectrum guide – everything you need to know

To help navigate spectrum needs for next-generation mobile networks, this 5G spectrum guide collects reports, infographics and positions from the GSMA. Trials are already showing what great potential 5G networks have. But significant amounts of widely harmonised spectrum is a …

Securing the digital dividend across the entire ASEAN

12 August 2018 |

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In the ASEAN region significant work remains to be done to secure the benefits of the ‘digital dividend’ in the 700 MHz band. But improved rural and indoor coverage, increased wireless broadband speeds and more efficient IoT deployments means it is …

Consumers in developing countries are hard hit by high spectrum prices

17 July 2018 |

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Research from GSMA Intelligence shows spectrum prices are much higher in developing countries than in developed countries. The high prices are linked to more expensive, lower quality mobile broadband services. The ‘Spectrum Pricing in Developing Countries’ report reveals that spectrum …

Supportive policy environment key to 5G success in China

27 June 2018 |

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To realise the full potential of 5G in China and elsewhere a more supportive policy environment is key. This would empower mobile operators to work with other sectors on more innovative services, according to a new report. The report, ‘Enterprise …

A closer look at 5G progress and policies in the US

26 March 2018 |

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This report from GSMA Intelligence explores the current landscape and the future outlook for 5G in the US. It focuses on network deployment, spectrum, use cases, and policy and regulation. Following progress led by both the mobile industry and government …

Focus on spectrum pricing in Latin America

15 February 2018 |

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The GSMA has published “Effective Spectrum Pricing in Latin America”.  This report takes a closer look at spectrum policies in Latin America. How they are impacting the delivery of mobile services to consumers and businesses in the region. The report is …

Lessons from European spectrum pricing

04 October 2017 |

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The GSMA’s “Effective Spectrum Pricing in Europe” report highlights good and bad practice by policymakers. For governments that want to help deliver affordable, high quality mobile broadband services there are valuable lessons. This report on European spectrum pricing follows the global study …

Improving rural connectivity in Southeast Asia

23 August 2017 |

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Closing the digital divide is a high priority for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is key to the association’s plan to provide affordable rural connectivity. Mobile broadband has grown significantly in the past few years. In part, …

Effective spectrum pricing helps boost mobile services

22 February 2017 |

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Effective spectrum pricing helps boost mobile services The GSMA’s spectrum team has along with GSMA Intelligence and NERA Economic Consulting done extensive analysis linking excessive spectrum prices with lower quality mobile services and higher prices. A global report alongside deep …