2nd Session of the Conference Preparatory Meeting for WRC-19 (CPM19-2)

Start: Monday 18 February 2019

End: Thursday 28 February 2019

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

As part of the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19), the GSMA attended the CPM19-2 in support of future spectrum for IMT mobile services using mmWave bands. The two week meeting saw the GSMA partake in many of the working sessions as well as host lunchtime seminars for each of the six ITU-R Regional Groups, supported by mobile operators and industry spokespeople. One of the main talking points from the seminar was the social and economic impact of mobile 5G services provided in mmWave bands – both globally and regionally.

With the theme that ‘Mobile Changes Everything’ a cartoonist captured the impact that mobile connectivity has brought to the world and a vision for the future too.

Please see GSMA’s overview and positions on the bands for WRC-19 and the presentations highlighting the socio-economic impact for that region given at each seminar along with videos.
Asia Pacific
Middle East and North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
RCC countries

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