Policy Day at M360 West Africa

Start: Wednesday 17 April 2019

End: Wednesday 17 April 2019

Venue: Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Abidjan

Location: Abidjan

As part of the policy day at M360 West Africa, the GSMA policy team in charge of Spectrum as well as from the Sub-Saharan Africa regional office in collaboration with guests and partners will be conducting these two sessions:

  • Deep dive on how spectrum pricing impacts developing economies: Mobile has been seen to underpin the vast majority of internet access in emerging and developing countries and West Africa is no exception to this reality. The importance of broadband internet access has been told many times and the impact on the economy and citizens cannot be underestimated. However data growth and greater broadband adoption requires more spectrum with ever wider bandwidths. Recent awards in West Africa showed that many mobile operators did not acquire spectrum on offer. This may have been due to the high reserve price set making the business case to encourage investment non-viable. Better spectrum pricing policies are needed to improve the economic and social welfare of the billions of people that remain unconnected to mobile broadband services. Carefully planned spectrum awards are vital – digital economies depend on them. This session will explore the latest pricing research, which focuses on developing markets, and discuss evolving policy best practice to drive investment in high quality, affordable mobile broadband services.
  • Planning for the future of mobile broadband & new capacity building course : The first part of the session will highlight the attributes of a clear and successful spectrum roadmap, and how to take into account international developments, such as WRC-19, to provide long term certainty for investments in this CAPEX intensive industry. It will be followed by a GSMA Capacity Building on spectrum planning and management that will cover an introduction to the full two-day course, which details how spectrum is used, the characteristics of spectrum bands, the progression of mobile technologies, and spectrum planning at a national, regional and international level. The full course also covers spectrum licensing and regulatory topics that relate to spectrum

Please see the agenda for further information and M360 West Africa website to register to join.

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