Pricing Spectrum for Success – ITU Telecom World

Start: Monday 10 September 2018

End: Thursday 13 September 2018

Venue: Room 12 ABE, Durban International Convention Centre

Location: Durban, South Africa

GSMA will host a seminar on ‘Spectrum pricing to drive the mobile broadband revolution’ during the ITU Telecom World conference. This session will explore the correlation between government policies on spectrum pricing and the adoption of broadband by consumers.

With a recent report released by the GSMA on  Spectrum Pricing in Developing Countries, the following points will be discussed during the seminar:

  • According to the latest figures from GSMAi, 4 billion people are still disconnected and 3.9 billion of these are living in developing countries – meaning they cannot access the social and economic benefits that the mobile internet provides
  • The GSMA’s Spectrum Pricing in Developing Countries report identifies that take-up of mobile broadband services is being hindered by high spectrum prices
  • The price of spectrum is three times more expensive in developing countries compared to developed
  • High spectrum prices are directly linked to poorer coverage and more expensive and lower quality mobile broadband services
  • This makes high spectrum prices a major roadblock to increasing mobile penetration
  • Governments are actively increasing spectrum prices to maximize state revenues. Reserve prices in spectrum auctions are more than five times higher in developing markets than developed
  • High spectrum prices, combined with the lower incomes in developing markets make it a challenging environment for operators to invest in
  • Limiting the growth of the digital economy will hinder efforts to reduce poverty, and improve healthcare, education, financial inclusion and gender equality

The full report and associated press release can be viewed here.