Spectrum management for mobile telecommunications. Nairobi, Kenya

Start: Monday 13 November 2017 8:00 am

End: Tuesday 14 November 2017 5:00 pm

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

On the 13th and 14th of November, the GSMA organised a workshop on spectrum management for mobile telecommunications. It took place in Nairobi, Kenya and attracted 30 participants.

During the two days, we covered topic such as the importance of spectrum to Kenya’s digital economy. This was highlighted by GSMA’s Mobile Connectivity Index for Kenya. It assesses the country’s performance on enablers for internet adoption and usage. We also looked at best practices for spectrum allocation. As always, the need for efficiency is an overarching objective.

Participants took part in a spectrum roadmap exercise. The exercise looked at how a roadmap can have a positive impact on mobile broadband services. Importantly, a roadmap provides the certainty needed to encourage investments. It does this by providing regulatory certainty on topics such as harmonisation, refarming and future spectrum allocations.

The workshop also looked at best practices for spectrum pricing. In particular, the need to factor in the impact of annual fees. This greatly impacts licensees’ ability to implement assigned spectrum.

The issue of getting spectrum pricing right has never been more vital. Additional spectrum is central to expanding and upgrading mobile broadband services. To deliver affordable, high quality mobile broadband services, operators require fair access to sufficient radio spectrum.

The workshop concluded with discussions on the positive impact of technology and service neutrality. The GSMA also made the case for active participation in World Radiocommunications Conferences (WRCs) by administrations. The upcoming WRC-19 will for example determine the bands to be adopted for 5G deployments in Africa’s Region 1.

The GSMA would like to thank everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you again at any of our future events.

Finally, below is the agenda along with presentations. For more information, there are also the GSMA’s reports on spectrum best practices and spectrum pricing.

View the full agenda here

Presentations Day One 
Holding slides spectrum workshop
Session 1 – Socio-economic impact of mobile broadband in Kenya – Shola Sanni
Session 1 – Spectrum allocation – a vision for the future – Richard Marsden
Session 1 – Why spectrum roadmaps are so important – Laurent Bodusseau
Session 1 – How to design a spectrum roadmap – Richard Marsden
Session 2 – Best practice in spectrum pricing – Richard Marsden
Session 2 – Using auctions to support effective pricing of spectrum – Richard Marsden
Session 2 – Annual usage fees – Richard Marsden
Session 2 – Effective price benchmarking – Laurent Bodusseau

Presentations Day Two 
Session 3 – The positive impact of technology and service neutrality – Laurent Bodusseau
Session 3 – How to implement spectrum refarming – Shola Sanni
Session 4 – Spectrum sharing – Laurent Bodusseau
Session 5 – WRC-15 bands implementation & preparation – Ross Bateson