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GSMA advises on 2.6 GHz auction best practice in Nigeria

23 December 2014

In November 2014, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) published plans for its 2.6 GHz auction, which was subsequently delayed due to administrative requirements but is anticipated to take place in the first half of 2015. GSMA provided the NCC with …

GSMA responds to German regulator’s 1800MHz band assignment plans

08 December 2014

On 26th November, the GSMA responded to the German regulator, BNetzA, on its plans to assign the 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1452-1492 MHz bands. Concern was raised regarding plans not to auction a 2×5 MHz block in …

GSMA highlights importance of spectrum to drive digital inclusion in Kenya

05 December 2014

In early December 2014, GSMA hosted its second Digital Inclusion Breakfast Meeting in Nairobi, focusing on accelerating access to mobile broadband services and identifying key barriers to digital inclusion in Kenya. The GSMA also released a public statement congratulating the …

Wireless Backhaul Spectrum Policy Recommendations & Analysis Report

02 December 2014

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Mobile operators have always needed backhaul solutions to carry initially voice traffic, followed by text messages and then mobile data. The advent of LTE is expected to place even greater challenges on the mobile operators as they strive for more …


02 December 2014

2 December 2014, London: Tom Phillips, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA, offered the following statement regarding confirmation of the schedule for migrating from analogue to digital terrestrial television in Kenya: “The GSMA congratulates the Government of Kenya and the Communications Authority …

GSMA hosts meeting to discuss India’s potential role at WRC-15

27 November 2014

On 26th November, the GSMA held the latest event in its ‘Mobile Meeting Series’, which brings together key policy makers and industry leaders, in India to discuss the country’s potential role at WRC-15. Discussions included why India might consider taking …

GSMA responds to European Commission Spectrum Inventory report

27 November 2014

The GSMA welcomed the Spectrum Inventory Report and the opportunity to comment and identify the frequency bands where spectrum efficiency could be improved to accommodate future demand, promote innovation, and enhance competition. The GSMA argued that while the report is …

Social and economic benefits of using the lower portion of the UHF band for IMT in Latin America

24 November 2014

This report from Telecom Advisory Services LLC assesses the socio-economic benefits of using the lower portion of the UHF band for IMT-based mobile broadband in Latin America. It concludes that this could extend the reach and lower the cost of mobile …

The Cost of Spectrum Auction Distortions

19 November 2014

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This report is an analysis of The Cost of Spectrum Auction Distortions : Review of spectrum auction policies and economic assessment of the impact of inefficient outcomes. Coleago Consulting was invited by the GSMA to examine the influence of policy …


19 November 2014

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London – Increased broadband connections in Asia Pacific will generate US $1.2 trillion of GDP growth and create up to 35 million new jobs by 20201, according to a new report from the GSMA, “Today, Tomorrow and the Future – …