Spectrum Policy Trends 2024

Thursday 22 Feb 2024 |

Spectrum Policy Trends 2024 image

Welcome to the GSMA Spectrum Policy Trends 2024. This report presents our predictions for the top six spectrum policy trends in 2024. From the implications of WRC-23 results to the expectations of the new WRC-27 cycle, our experts discuss the most prominent themes shaping the spectrum debate. The report provides insights to help policymakers, regulators, and businesses enable policies for timely and affordable spectrum access that can deliver a pathway to lowering the connectivity gap and ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital age.

Spectrum has a vital role in supporting the productivity delivered by the communications sector. This is true every year, but in today’s challenging climate, the ability of mobile to act simultaneously as an enabler of sustainability and driver of economic development will benefit global growth. Using spectrum capacity to enable mobile and licensing it to maximise productivity will be our market’s enduring theme in 2024.

As we begin working towards the next era of universal, meaningful connectivity, policies promoting digital inclusion and encouraging network investment will be central to ensuring that the world realises its connectivity ambitions. That work continues in 2024.

Download the full report to understand the issues at stake for spectrum in 2024:

  1. For the benefit of billions: the impact of WRC-23 decisions on spectrum policy in 2024
  2. Technology-neutral licensing and network sunsets take up to drive spectrum efficiencies
  3. Spectrum pricing as an enabler in bridging the coverage and usage gaps
  4. New regulatory approaches emerging from the demise of single wholesale networks
  5. Private mobile network strategies gain momentum
  6. The road to WRC-27: a new cycle begins