WRC-19: Addressing 5G and EMF

Friday 8 Nov 2019 | 1-6 GHz | 26 GHz | 28 GHz | Above 6 GHz | All Regional Groups | Below 1 GHz |

WRC-19: Addressing 5G and EMF image

The identification of mmWave spectrum for 5G at WRC-19 has the potential to revolutionise mobile connectivity. However, the deployment of 5G has also been associated with public concerns about possible risks.

To address some of the misunderstandings associated with this topic, the GSMA welcomed WRC-19 delegates to a lunchtime seminar with expert Dr Jack Rowley. He leads the GSMA’s EMF related activities and has over 25 years worth of experience.

The key takeaways from the seminar are:

  • The mmWave frequencies being discussed for 5G are used today by the mobile and satellite industries for other purposes, they have been extensively researched and are covered by international safety guidelines;
  • International EMF exposure guidelines exist that apply to all mobile frequencies, including all the bands considered for 5G, and experts say these limits provide protection for people and the environment;
  • A large body of scientific research underpins the international exposure guidelines, adopting those limits and implementing streamlined antenna deployment procedures will benefit 4G and 5G network deployments; and
  • Assessments show that typical exposure levels in public areas from 5G are similar to 4G, that total exposure in the community remains low and there are no established health risks from low-level radio signals.

Also, a recent blog post written by Dr. Rowley is posted here