GSMA100 stimulates new value by connecting the world’s most promising growth-stage companies and their investors to the mobile operator ecosystem. The initiative leverages the GSMA’s global reach to create new channels for business development, partnerships and investment.

For qualifying companies we will facilitate access to GSMA’s members, enabling a single interface into the global operator community, fast lanes to executive-level meetings, and routes to pilots and real customers.

The GSMA100 network is open to operator innovation and investment teams, institutional investors, corporate venture capital, and growth-stage startups. To find out more, download our deck below or connect with the team.

GSMA100 Promo Video


Thursday 4 Apr 2019 |

About the GSMA100 and its benefits for startups, operators and investors.

GSMA 100 Pitch Deck


Monday 1 Apr 2019 |

Overview of the GSMA 100 programme and its benefits for operators, investors and growth-stage startups.

GSMA 100 Short Stinger


Saturday 1 Sep 2018 |

Video highlights of the GSMA 100 programme for operators, investors and growth-stage startups.